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If you can't see what you are looking for please call Steve on 07964 782609

Our Terms and Conditions:


Workshop charges:

Standard rate: £45.00per hour (or part thereof)

Menu service: Please refer to our current price list.

Additional work can be agreed on price or hourly rate.



We will do our best to find parts at the best price, some parts will be only be available as “genuine parts” only, others will be Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), some may be “pattern parts” manufactured to the same standard.

We do source and accept re manufactured/reconditioned parts
and also used parts as required.


You are welcome to supply your own parts or parts sourced by you, but if we think
that they’re not suitable, we won’t fit them. We cannot offer extended warranties
on 3rd party goods or services.




We give you a 1-year parts and labour warranty on goods
and services supplied by ourselves.

We give 3 months warranty on all used parts supplied by us,
(this does not include removal or refitting of used parts unless
agreed beforehand)

Transport, postage and packing is at your expense unless
otherwise agreed.


We are unable to offer warranty against any goods or services that required you to comply with good practice in your care and maintenance of aforementioned services.


If you have any questions regarding our warranty service,
please feel free to contact us for either clarification or a modified warranty.


After all, we’re here to help.

Call Steve on 07964 782609

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